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Monday, September 29, 2014

Part One Of My Journey:

Part One Of My Journey: The Philosophical Side 

          I am just a 29 year old woman that is very passionate about my future career and the study of law.

             My journey has not been easy but it has shown that I am truly capable of realizing my dreams even if it might take a while to get there. When I was 16 I thought I had life all planned out. I was the typical teenage girl that had all these dreams,hopes, and plans but sometimes life throws a wrench in those plans and that is okay. Because when it truly comes down to it is about the journey that took us there and along the journey we realize how strong we are. I sometimes feel that God throws wrenches in our plans to teach us a lesson,to smell the roses along the way. I know I will get into law school eventually but sometimes it takes bit longer than usual. By the time I was sixteen I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up and it has never changed. Before I was sixteen I knew I wanted to be a lawyer but many times I changed my future occupations because of doubts,weather it be from myself or family members,or just ugly thoughts from my head.

        I really don't know where I am going with this entry but I somehow want to reach out to girls/women that you can be whatever you set your mind to because as long as you believe in yourself that is all that matters. Everyone will always have doubters along the way but pay no attention to them just because they were afraid to conquer there dreams does not mean you are them. We are all individuals and we all have different dreams no matter how big or small they are. They are your dreams and never let anyone take them away from you. Maybe this post doesn't make sense to many but it is alright because this is truly coming from my heart and soul. I am truly being vulnerable right now.  My whole life I been doubted because of my birth defect. I have never let it define who I am and never will.
 How's that for a little inspiration on a Monday.

                         Stay Tune For Part Two Tomorrow: 

Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia