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Thursday, January 12, 2017

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

So many changes....

So,It has been a long time since I have updated. Lots of changes have occurred in my life since then. Here is a quick run-down of everything that has transpired since the last time I blogged.

I got my heart broken-not only broken but broken into tiny pieces and I am left to pick up the pieces again. In the mean time I am dating and just having fun. No Pressure...I am in no way ready to be in another relationship. I need space to just be myself and get over my ex-boyfriend. I now know what I deserve and I know when I meet the one it will be great and magical.

I started a very intense paralegal program in July and finished it in January. I am super proud of my self and finished with a very high GPA.

I was in a car accident back in early August had to ride the bus all the way to school for several months. It taught me so much though.

I did a two month internship between October and December and learned so much valuable knowledge.

I got my first professional job in January and unfortunatly he had to let me go for unknown reasons in April. But I learned so much from that job. I also was able to snag a letter of Recommendation.

I feel like 2015 was a year of learning and a year of realizing my worth not only when it came to relationships but also in my professional life.

I finally got another car and I am applying to job's left and right for my next Paralegal Job.

I loved my job as a Paralegal working in Family Law and Probate but sometimes things are not always what they appear to be. I am forever grateful for my ex-boss for the experience I gained. I learned so much in those four months and I now know I am very capable to being a Paralegal despite what people might think.
Speaking of Probate I am taking a Probate Law class in hopes to expand my knowledge.
The next thing I want to get is my Notary Public because anything that makes me marketable is great for my career.

That is a quick run-down of what is currently happening in my life or happened.
I hope I can stick around and hopefully expand my blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to school

Hey Everyone!

I know I have not written in a while but I am back. The reason why is I had to take a leave of absence from Paralegal School and I was supposed to start back up in April but that did not happen. My school was moving to a different location and it was not ready until July. So I finally start July 27th. I went to orientation on Friday July 24th 2015.  Orientation was very fun and was able to meet all my classmates. We are nine girls in the class and everyone is nice and hopefully I can make a couple of friends. Ever since I moved to Houston I have seriously lacked in good quality girlfriends. I really want to make friends but it is very hard as an adult to make friends.

Speaking of making friends I have always wanted to join a book club. I finally found one that meets once a month so starting August I will be a part of a book club. I cannot wait, it should be fun! Also in the August meeting the book we will be reading, the author will be there to talk to us. So that should be interesting and fun. I hope to make some like-minded friends that love to read also.

Lots of changes have happened in my personal life since then also.  I have a boyfriend now and it is exciting unfortunately he has a job that is very demanding. We are not able to see each other very often but when we do see each other it is magical is one way to put it. Ha Ha!  I know he is the guy for me and I love him so much. It is a very serious relationship and we been together basically since we met. Yep that fast! Like I have told everyone before, I have dated enough guys to know what I want in a relationship and while he is not perfect he is perfect for me. I know very cliché but I love him. I am happy and I can’t wait to be engaged to him and marry him.

I hope I can use this blog to document my career path and my personal life.

As I have stated in old blog posts I want to go to law school after paralegal school. I will be applying in September to all three Houston law schools so hopefully I get in for next fall. There is a slight dilemma but I won’t get into it because I don’t even know if I will get in. IF I do though there would be a slight problem but I will cross the bridge when I get to it.

Soon I want to do “A day in the life of a paralegal student" so stay tuned.

Anyways that is all I have for right now.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Give Yourself A Pep-Talk


        Today was  an okay day in class. We had a test in the first class and I was not prepared at all. My fault though I had done my note cards but did not review them much and the test was un-announced. Thank God the professor gave us one hour to review so that is what I did with my note cards. I still was not prepared not even close. I for sure did not know three definitions. The test was not multiple choice, it was listing and define the word. One thing positive that came from taking the test though was now I know what to expect from the professor. I was so down on myself because I know I did horrible but I have to move on and study more for the next time. These tests are unannounced but now I know more less when we are going to have them. A student in the class told me after class that after each lecture he gives us on the chapter usually the next day we have a test. That in itself tells me a lot because now I know that after we finish each chapter we have a test very soon. I know it seems like common sense but each professor gives tests differently and different times. I got to keep up with this class and re read and make sure I understand the concepts. I also need to make sure I understand the definitions. I just want A's in both my classes and I know it is achievable but I need to study a little bit more. I need to study more than I am.

     The next class we had a take home quiz on grammar but it was kind of short so I finished in class. I missed four not to bad but I should of done better. I got an 85 on the test, I still have an A- in the class. The great thing is I can bring it up. I can bring up both grades in both classes.

    I have to have faith in myself that is the hardest part everyone has faith in me but sometimes I get so insecure because in the past people have brought me down. I have to get over it though because in the end I have to make myself happy and let haters hate because seriously I can not please the whole world. I have to please myself because in the end of the day that is who I have to live with.
So here is to better study habits and better grades.  I will let you all know what happens.

      These classes are only six weeks long so I have to make them count. I have to really focus in the last four weeks I have in these classes.
I love paralegal school and I know it is a challenge but it will be worth it. I have to keep thinking positive.
     That is my pep talk for the day.

Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia

Friday, March 13, 2015

My First Week: Paralegal School

This week was long and I am glad it is over for me. I go to school from Monday-Thursday only so I have long weekends but of course I have tons of homework. I will say this though got a 50/50 on my first quiz yay. It was super easy though just over the ethics for the classroom rules. I am going to explain each day and what we did on each day.


I started Monday the 9th I had orientation before class so I had to be there by 8:30 and class started at 9:00 AM. So I got there a few minutes late but thankful there was only one other person. Yep two people in orientation. It was fun though we just got our books and the owner of the Program told us about it and we then got taken to our classrooms. I have two classes every six weeks so it is a fast program but slow enough where everyone is able to grasp the concepts. I love school and this is the field I am meant to be in. The more I delve into it the more I love it.
My first class is called Introduction to Law and  Ethics for the Paralegal. He basically went over the class rules and what is expected from us. It is a very interesting class and I will enjoy it.
The second class is called How to Conduct Professional Investigations this class will teach us how to conduct investigations and discoveries. It also will show us how to wisely use  public  resources. I love this class because it is very hands on and we are going to be working with a software that is widely use in the legal field called Prodoc. I will become very efficient and able to learn and use the software by the time I finish the certificate program in September.  These two classes are very hands on which is awesome and really will be very beneficial to me. In the meantime I am utilizing face book well by joining some local Houston networking groups specifically for paralegals. This will allow me make new friends and network with like minded individuals.



I got there late again I seriously could never beat the traffic on the freeway in Houston.
In the first class which is Law and Ethics we wrote a short paper and turned it in. We are supposed to get the paper back with a rough draft grade and then turn it in with final adjustments. The paper was on writing a memo to an employer that interviewed me and telling them why they should pick me versus my classmate for the paralegal position. It was fun and easy and I hope I got a good grade on it so I can only make minor adjustments on it.
In the investigation class she went over chapter one and that was about it. We are supposed to see the lecture videos on blackboard over chapter one and two for homework.

Wed I was not able to make it to class for personal reasons.


I went and I was determined to get there very early. I was able to get there at 8 am and class starts at nine needless to say I was the first one there. Yay! I was happy! The first class we had to listen to a very long deposition and take notes. I took about five pages worth of notes and we are going to write a paper on what was said. The paper is due Monday so I have to get it done.
I went to go and take a break and used the potty. I came back to class and it was time for the next one. She went over some rules for testing and we took a quick quiz , it took me about two minutes and I got 50/50. YAY!!! We then went over our divorce case which is the big project for class. We are doing interviews on Monday with our client.  Then we write a memo which is due next Thursday. That was my week.

The cool thing about these two classes is we bring our laptops to class and when we have a quiz , test or assignment due we submit it via blackboard. Blackboard is a special software that is used in many colleges and universities around the United States. It is very popular and it is to view content the professors post and also to submit any assignments or take any quizzes or tests. I like it and very practical and works great in the classroom setting.

Next time on the blog I want to talk about the process of getting into paralegal school and Essentials for class.

Thanks for reading. -Valencia

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Moved and Paralegal School.

        I am back!

    So many things have happened in my life but I am back and hope to grow this blog. Life got very busy first of all I didn't have a laptop since October. The one I had broke and couldn't afford to fix it but I finally got a brand new laptop. I am very happy with it. It rocks! I hope to be back for good and continue to grow in my blog. I really want this blog to find its niche within the blogging community and hope to make that happen. I have big plans for this blog.

       I want to update everyone on my life:In December we moved to Houston. We decided to move to Houston even without any law school acceptance letters.  Houston has three law schools and I felt it was best we move here because I would have more of a chance of getting accepted here than any other city in Texas. I ultimately wanted to move to Houston because they have many opportunities especially in the legal field. Plus It is beautiful here and the perfect city for me in my opinion.

         We moved right after Christmas, and it was the best decision I could of made.
I will be starting Paralegal School tomorrow yep that's right ,tomorrow I go back to school. I am extremely pleased and happy that I am achieving my dream towards law school. I know paralegal school will help me achieve that goal and give me experience and an advantage in the legal field. I am so excited and nervous I will give details tomorrow. It is an exciting season in my life and I can't wait to document everything. I want to be able to help other minorities especially Latina girls in realizing their dreams. This is not just MY story this is the story for all the girls that has a dream.

         Paralegal class starts tomorrow and it is an intense 6-7 months. I am happy I chose this Paralegal school it was between this one and the other one and two things will maybe three things made me chose Center for Advanced Paralegal Studies. The three things that made me chose this school was financial aid was offered, there is no way I can afford the other school and especially because they do not offer any financial aid.  The second reason is the one on one factorability between students and professors. Also the friendliness the faculty exudes to the students is awesome. I hope I can make some friends because I really need friends in this city. I want to be able to form a strong group of girls that are like minded. I will be done with paralegal school in September so it is a quick program but also not to quick like the other one. The other paralegal program I would be done by May and that was to quick for me. I wanted something that would take about 6-7 months but also not the whole year. This school is perfect for me. So we are finally settled in the city and I feel very happy and excited for the future.

                                   Tomorrow I will write all the details so be in the look out for that.

                                                   Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October 1st!

Happy October 1st everyone!!!
I love October it is one of my favorite months.
I wished I lived in a place where it would be fall weather. Here in Texas it is really hot and still summer weather.
On Friday I will write part two of my Law School Journey.
I been very busy in my personal life that is whyI have not been able to do much writing.
Thanks for baring with me.

                            Happy October Everyone! 

Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia