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Friday, March 13, 2015

My First Week: Paralegal School

This week was long and I am glad it is over for me. I go to school from Monday-Thursday only so I have long weekends but of course I have tons of homework. I will say this though got a 50/50 on my first quiz yay. It was super easy though just over the ethics for the classroom rules. I am going to explain each day and what we did on each day.


I started Monday the 9th I had orientation before class so I had to be there by 8:30 and class started at 9:00 AM. So I got there a few minutes late but thankful there was only one other person. Yep two people in orientation. It was fun though we just got our books and the owner of the Program told us about it and we then got taken to our classrooms. I have two classes every six weeks so it is a fast program but slow enough where everyone is able to grasp the concepts. I love school and this is the field I am meant to be in. The more I delve into it the more I love it.
My first class is called Introduction to Law and  Ethics for the Paralegal. He basically went over the class rules and what is expected from us. It is a very interesting class and I will enjoy it.
The second class is called How to Conduct Professional Investigations this class will teach us how to conduct investigations and discoveries. It also will show us how to wisely use  public  resources. I love this class because it is very hands on and we are going to be working with a software that is widely use in the legal field called Prodoc. I will become very efficient and able to learn and use the software by the time I finish the certificate program in September.  These two classes are very hands on which is awesome and really will be very beneficial to me. In the meantime I am utilizing face book well by joining some local Houston networking groups specifically for paralegals. This will allow me make new friends and network with like minded individuals.



I got there late again I seriously could never beat the traffic on the freeway in Houston.
In the first class which is Law and Ethics we wrote a short paper and turned it in. We are supposed to get the paper back with a rough draft grade and then turn it in with final adjustments. The paper was on writing a memo to an employer that interviewed me and telling them why they should pick me versus my classmate for the paralegal position. It was fun and easy and I hope I got a good grade on it so I can only make minor adjustments on it.
In the investigation class she went over chapter one and that was about it. We are supposed to see the lecture videos on blackboard over chapter one and two for homework.

Wed I was not able to make it to class for personal reasons.


I went and I was determined to get there very early. I was able to get there at 8 am and class starts at nine needless to say I was the first one there. Yay! I was happy! The first class we had to listen to a very long deposition and take notes. I took about five pages worth of notes and we are going to write a paper on what was said. The paper is due Monday so I have to get it done.
I went to go and take a break and used the potty. I came back to class and it was time for the next one. She went over some rules for testing and we took a quick quiz , it took me about two minutes and I got 50/50. YAY!!! We then went over our divorce case which is the big project for class. We are doing interviews on Monday with our client.  Then we write a memo which is due next Thursday. That was my week.

The cool thing about these two classes is we bring our laptops to class and when we have a quiz , test or assignment due we submit it via blackboard. Blackboard is a special software that is used in many colleges and universities around the United States. It is very popular and it is to view content the professors post and also to submit any assignments or take any quizzes or tests. I like it and very practical and works great in the classroom setting.

Next time on the blog I want to talk about the process of getting into paralegal school and Essentials for class.

Thanks for reading. -Valencia