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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Give Yourself A Pep-Talk


        Today was  an okay day in class. We had a test in the first class and I was not prepared at all. My fault though I had done my note cards but did not review them much and the test was un-announced. Thank God the professor gave us one hour to review so that is what I did with my note cards. I still was not prepared not even close. I for sure did not know three definitions. The test was not multiple choice, it was listing and define the word. One thing positive that came from taking the test though was now I know what to expect from the professor. I was so down on myself because I know I did horrible but I have to move on and study more for the next time. These tests are unannounced but now I know more less when we are going to have them. A student in the class told me after class that after each lecture he gives us on the chapter usually the next day we have a test. That in itself tells me a lot because now I know that after we finish each chapter we have a test very soon. I know it seems like common sense but each professor gives tests differently and different times. I got to keep up with this class and re read and make sure I understand the concepts. I also need to make sure I understand the definitions. I just want A's in both my classes and I know it is achievable but I need to study a little bit more. I need to study more than I am.

     The next class we had a take home quiz on grammar but it was kind of short so I finished in class. I missed four not to bad but I should of done better. I got an 85 on the test, I still have an A- in the class. The great thing is I can bring it up. I can bring up both grades in both classes.

    I have to have faith in myself that is the hardest part everyone has faith in me but sometimes I get so insecure because in the past people have brought me down. I have to get over it though because in the end I have to make myself happy and let haters hate because seriously I can not please the whole world. I have to please myself because in the end of the day that is who I have to live with.
So here is to better study habits and better grades.  I will let you all know what happens.

      These classes are only six weeks long so I have to make them count. I have to really focus in the last four weeks I have in these classes.
I love paralegal school and I know it is a challenge but it will be worth it. I have to keep thinking positive.
     That is my pep talk for the day.

Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia