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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Moved and Paralegal School.

        I am back!

    So many things have happened in my life but I am back and hope to grow this blog. Life got very busy first of all I didn't have a laptop since October. The one I had broke and couldn't afford to fix it but I finally got a brand new laptop. I am very happy with it. It rocks! I hope to be back for good and continue to grow in my blog. I really want this blog to find its niche within the blogging community and hope to make that happen. I have big plans for this blog.

       I want to update everyone on my life:In December we moved to Houston. We decided to move to Houston even without any law school acceptance letters.  Houston has three law schools and I felt it was best we move here because I would have more of a chance of getting accepted here than any other city in Texas. I ultimately wanted to move to Houston because they have many opportunities especially in the legal field. Plus It is beautiful here and the perfect city for me in my opinion.

         We moved right after Christmas, and it was the best decision I could of made.
I will be starting Paralegal School tomorrow yep that's right ,tomorrow I go back to school. I am extremely pleased and happy that I am achieving my dream towards law school. I know paralegal school will help me achieve that goal and give me experience and an advantage in the legal field. I am so excited and nervous I will give details tomorrow. It is an exciting season in my life and I can't wait to document everything. I want to be able to help other minorities especially Latina girls in realizing their dreams. This is not just MY story this is the story for all the girls that has a dream.

         Paralegal class starts tomorrow and it is an intense 6-7 months. I am happy I chose this Paralegal school it was between this one and the other one and two things will maybe three things made me chose Center for Advanced Paralegal Studies. The three things that made me chose this school was financial aid was offered, there is no way I can afford the other school and especially because they do not offer any financial aid.  The second reason is the one on one factorability between students and professors. Also the friendliness the faculty exudes to the students is awesome. I hope I can make some friends because I really need friends in this city. I want to be able to form a strong group of girls that are like minded. I will be done with paralegal school in September so it is a quick program but also not to quick like the other one. The other paralegal program I would be done by May and that was to quick for me. I wanted something that would take about 6-7 months but also not the whole year. This school is perfect for me. So we are finally settled in the city and I feel very happy and excited for the future.

                                   Tomorrow I will write all the details so be in the look out for that.

                                                   Thanks for visiting my blog. -Valencia